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FREESTYLE Simmer Style Ace 2020 Windsurfsegel



Simmer Style Ace 2020 Windsurfsegel


// The Ace is our dedicated freestyle sail



The key strength of the Ace is its ability to go from completely neutral to full power in an instant. The tight leach allows you to effortlessly duck the sail through the wind into a back winded position. The Ace features a lightweight panel layout that makes the handling a breeze. The high cut foot allows the sail to move around your body position without throwing you off balance and this combined with the Dacron panel along the luff will provide you with instantaneous power to direct into your moves. The Kevlar Stretch Control System keeps the draft in place as well as making the sail more durable.

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Größe Luff Boom Best Mast UVP
4.0 378 152 370 709 €
4.4 378 154 370 719 €
4.8 420 157 400 739 €
5.2 428 162 400 759 €



  • High cut foot.
  • Dacron panel alongside the luff. Large main window to increase lift.
  • Even power distribution for a balanced and stable feel.
  • Lightweight build with reinforcements in the key areas.
  • Shorter boom lengths to improve handling and speed through rotations.